Free online editor diplomas and certificates

DiMaker - is free online editor diplomas and certificates.

You no longer need to look for printed document templates in stationery stores and then print on them. Create documents in DiMaker! If you have a printer at hand, send it to the printer immediately from the editor, or save the document for printing in the office, at home or near the photo center.

Large selection of templates

In our collection there are many different templates in the English language - diplomas and certificates: official, ceremonial, school, sports and children.

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Simple text editor

We tried to make DiMmaker really comfortable, leaving only the most necessary. Creating a diploma or certificate in our editor is as easy as writing a text in Word.

  Change font size
  Various fonts for text design
  Character type (bold, italic, underlined)
  Text centering
  Change indents
  Plain and Numbered Lists

Four steps

1. Choose a template

2. Write text

3. Get the document

4. Print